About Me

The Spectre

I’m a fanatic with a automatic, I’m problematic, I’m the boogieman hiding in the attic I’m the static on ya television, screen, can u hack it ? I’m the thug wearing hackett, I’m the drugs that the addict love I’m the duds on the battleship, cuz ima rattle shit, blood I’m a problem, don’t u get it ? I’m the heathen up in heaven, the 5-0 with the weapon the stray clip, that hit u when u steppin I’m the drugs that you ingest I’m the dough that you invest, I’m the bank and the whole damn economy, I am every piece in your boardroom monopoly I am the words from the book of deutoromy I am a man, I’m a soul, I’m a prophet, I am everything above I am one with the comets I’m the lamb on the altar, the crack in the paving, that makes u falter I’m the love from ya father